J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan

About Us

J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan, Siraha is a public (community) campus established in 2044 BS with the collaborative efforts to fulfil the demands of people around this area in the field of education. The campus started its services among the public with the faculty of humanities from proficiency certificate level in the affiliation with Tribhuwan University, and currently it has practically been providing different programs from +2 level to post graduate level in Humanities, Education, Management and Science.

The campus has successfully completed the SHEP program of UGC and has been selected for its HERP program, out of forty five community colleges nationally. Now the campus has entered into the QAA cycle of UGC. The campus is situated at Lahan Municipality – 10 near Gramin Chowk in the mid part of Lahan, 2.5 km far from the national highway. Lahan Municipality has provided a land plot of 15-16-01 bigha as its main property.

The campus has its own grand building granted by the renowned social worker and business entrepreneur, late Prameshwor Murarka and his brothers. The annual report 2074/2075 has been prepared to show the progresses in different sectors from the last three years and the current fiscal year as well. It clarifies the important aspects of the development of the campus.

J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan

Madhesh Province, Lahan-10, Siraha
Phone: 033-563252, 033-564807
Email: jsmmc2012@gmail.com