J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan

Message from Honorary Chairman

It’s matter of a great glory that J S Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan is performing extremely well in all the aspects to ensure academic excellence. We Murarka Family feel immense pleasure hearing the progress the campus has maintained for last three decades dynamically. Lahan Municipality and especially education thinkers of this area are really proud of its academic landmarks it has left so far. We all know education is the purest assets in human life and quality education can only distinguish social beings from animals.

And for fostering the qualitative educational environment, undoubtedly, this campus has successfully been established as one of most demanding educational institutions nurturing the students with quality education nationally and internationally. The clear vision and mission of the management together with its systematic implementation by the administration, dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff, cooperation of parents and the hard work of the students have helped this campus get branded as an excellent centre of excellence for higher education study. I believe on ”Leadership is the capacity to translate the vision into reality.” This is what I have found with this campus. Murarka Family members have no words of thanking its team for delivering the quality education to the underprivileged people of its surroundings.

We are satisfied enough with all the activities the campus have been maintaining and hope to maintain their continuity in the future as well. Finally, very warm welcome to all the prospective students for pursuing their higher education in this campus. Thank you all.

Murari Prasad Murarka

Honorary Chairman

J S Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan, Siraha

J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan

Madhesh Province, Lahan-10, Siraha
Phone: 033-563252, 033-564807
Email: jsmmc2012@gmail.com