J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan

Social Progress & ECA

The campus has involved in sanitation work in Lahan Municipality, blood donation in association with Red Cross Society, Siraha, and some felicitation, honour and farewell activities. The society has managed a Plot of 15-16-01 bigaha land inside Lahan Municipality, built the main gate and 1% of the total amount paid to this campus by the land revenue for ten years. The campus has planed different social activities to contribute the society. They are:


Blood donation

General Health Check-up

COVID-19 Awareness Programs

Social awareness about diseases, dowry system, untouchability, girl-trafficking, importance of female education, adult education, etc.

Similarly the campus has initiated some motivating activities for the social involvement for contributing campus developments, such as:

Making them aware of the nature of the campus

Interaction with local bodies

Honoring to the donors

Extra Curricular activities

The campus also pays due attention towards the activities that are really supplementary to the academic development of the students dynamically. Based on the academic and annual plan of the campus, there is the time allocated for extra activities that include different types of games and other programs as well, such as Debates, Speech Contest, Gym, Dance, Slow Cycle Race, High Jump, Long Jump, Running Race, Volleyball, Football, Kabadi, Blood Donation, Health Check Up, etc. The campus celebrates the weekly extra-curricular activities every year, and the participants remain very high.

Regarding the year 2075, there were 852 participants participated in different activities and 405 participants were awarded and honored in that ceremony.

J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan

Madhesh Province, Lahan-10, Siraha
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