Message From the Executive Chairman’s

Message From the Executive Chairman's

ram sundar chaudhary (1)

J S M M Campus Lahan,Sirha is a vast, pervasive and public institution devoted to the dynamic betterment and upliftment of the society founded on the moralistic principles of the practical education system of Nepal. The notion of efficiency that has been engraved in all of us has been made possible due to a good educational system. This rings us to the question of quality education, education that can impart value in every person thattakes part in it. To achieve this, educational institutes have to be strong, motivated, and creative. It is with this desire to impart self sustaining knowledge to the students, we have been managing the teaching learning scenario of this campus in highly practical ways. It has a team of energetic academicians and professionals dedicated to manage various streams: science, management, education and humanities, committed to maintain quality education (inter)nationally.
Our challenging journey towards excellence
goes on…
With very best wishes !
Ram Sundar Chaudhry